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◆ Drowning in the ocean of tech brands, eager to make your unique voice resound?

◆ Searching for a way to amplify your impact without stretching your marketing budget?

◆ In need of a specialized sales and marketing team to ensure consistent leads?

◆Battling to get noticed while the colossal MSPs overshadow you?

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Inclusive Talent Acquisition
We’re not just on the lookout for the usual. Our commitment to diversity pushes us to discover talent in overlooked arenas, from the bustling hospitality sector to POCs and single parents.

Crafted Brand Positioning
Ascend the noise, enhance brand visibility, and etch your distinct mark in the marketplace.

Optimized Budget Use
Every dollar is pivotal. Ensure it’s spent wisely for the highest ROI.

On-Demand Expertise
Dive into our vast sales and marketing expertise. Uplift your strategies with routine coaching sessions.

Level the Playing Field
Regardless of your stature, our tools and talent brace you to take on industry giants.

Average Savings: Over $200,000/year
Average Revenue Added: $720,000/year

Working with MKC Agency was a game-changer for JK Tech. Their understanding of our challenges and their customized lead generation strategies were spot-on. The results were phenomenal  - a $1 million revenue increase in 18 months. Their empathetic approach and consistent support were invaluable. MKC is more than an agency; they are crucial part of ongoing success"

— Eileen Byrne, Owner of JK Tech

Discover MKC Agency’s Stellar Offerings


◆ Strategic Onboarding:
     ◆ Define your Ideal Client Profile & Unique Value Proposition.
     ◆ Experience top-notch SDR recruitment & training (>50 hours).
     ◆ Seamlessly integrate & set up your CRM (GlassHive or HubSpot).

Service Packages:

Small (10 hrs/week):

◆ Junior: Dive into diverse talents, trained rigorously. $1850/mo.
◆ Mid-level: Assured setters of 4+ meetings monthly. $3000/mo.
◆ Senior: True B2B tech sales veterans. $5800/mo.

Medium (20 hrs/week):

◆ Junior: $3500/mo.
◆ Mid-level: $5500/mo.
◆ Senior: $10000/mo.

2. SDRaaS (SDR-as-a-Service) 🔥

From the lead’s first interaction to setting high-quality BANT qualified meetings, we've got it all covered.

     ◆ Identify & Qualify: Match leads against a custom-made ICP.
     ◆ Intro Calls: Boost your reputation as an industry authority.
     ◆ Nurturing: Funnel prospects into unique workflows based on insights.
     ◆ Meetings: BANT-qualified meetings slotted directly into your calendar.
     ◆ Holistic Management: Immerse in all Fractional SDR perks plus invaluable sales process feedback and tech stack recommendations.
     ◆ Expert Coaching: Weekly transformative sessions with the renowned Megan Killion.

Service Packages:


     ◆ Junior: $2500/mo
     ◆ Mid-level: $3700/mo
     ◆ Senior: $6750/mo


     ◆ Junior: $4250/mo
     ◆ Mid-level: $6750/mo
     ◆ Senior: $12500/mo

🌟 Why Entrust Your Vision to MKC Agency?

Ethical Marketing
Championing strategies as scalable as they are honorable.

Employee Elevation
Nurturing diverse talent, from the hospitality sector to tech aficionados.

Client Growth
No shortcuts, no gimmicks. Just genuine, impactful growth strategies.

Our Other Options Include:
Direct SDR Hiring

Secure a full-time dedicated SDR for just $15,000.

Outbound Engine Program
Ideal for MSPs initiating their journey with CRMs and contacts. Starting at $1650/mo

Custom Sales Training, tailored Hiring Processes, dedicated Sales Support, and robust Lead Generation packages to further empower your sales efforts.

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