MSP Outbound Engine Built For You 

Skyrocket Your Business Growth in 2023! 🚀

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We build your outbound engine for you!

Are you ready to scale your MSP but struggle with time and budget constraints? We will build your marketing machine and fine-tune it to your needs with six months of email campaigns and sales calls. Then we’ll hand over a ready-to-go machine that will print you $$$.


It's simple - Ideal Prospects and Someone to Chase Them

And a place to run your outbound engine

1.) We figure out who your best customers are. Let's find MORE of the 20% that bring 80% of the profit!

2.) We research hundreds of target contacts and score them to make sure they are YOUR "right fit" customers. 

3.) We write out a custom, tailored email sequence to target your buyer persona. 

We speak THEIR language, touch on THEIR pain points, and map to THEIR desired future state. 

We position your targets as the hero of the story, and you as excalibur!

4.) Then a highly trained SDR starts calling, informed by who the warmest, highest priority leads are! 

With daily role-playing included, your SDR is armed with the skills to keep prospects on the hook!

5.) Last but certainly not least, we book meetings on YOUR calendar. 

The best part? The entire CRM belongs to you (and it's tailor built for MSPs). 

Whether we continue to work together or not, you'll have an outbound engine ready to go. 

🎯 Marketing Qualified Contacts (MQCs)

Target contacts that are the perfect fit for your MSP, not just any name.

✉️ Monthly Automated Email Campaign

Customized, data-driven email campaigns that effectively engage your target audience and keep your brand top-of-mind.

📞 Dedicated SDR

Sales Development Rep managed by us, with daily roleplay & coaching for top performance.

⏰ Optimized Calling Hours

Strategically scheduled call hours to maximize contact and increase the probability of successful interactions.

📅 FMEs (First Meeting Ever)

We set up the meetings, you just show up and close the deal!

🚀 Comprehensive Training

In-depth training and support to ensure your dedicated SDR is fully equipped to excel in their role and deliver results.

🔥 SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads)

High-quality leads that have been vetted and meet your specific criteria, increasing your conversion chances.

🎯 ICP Build

A tailored Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) created during the intake process to ensure we focus on the prospects that are the best fit for your MSP's unique needs and goals.

💥 Exclusive 6-Month Deals - Sign Up This Month for BIG Savings


from $15000 

to $9900

Billed at $1650/mo 

100 MQCs, 120 hours of dialing, and one monthly email campaign. Regularly $15,000, now just $9,900 split across 6 payments of $1,550.

This plan is best if you think you may want to stick with your current CRM and want us to provide support in defining your ideal client, finding their contact info, and getting them interested. 


      ✓ ICP Build

      ✓ 100 MQCs

      ✓ 120 hours of dialing from our Phillipine 

      ✓ SDR team.

      ✓ Copy for 6 Email Campaigns

      ✓ Add GlassHive for $200/mo for up to 10                 Users - or onboard us into your CRM for a              $5000 onboarding fee.

Bonus Starter

from $25,000 

to $14,100

Billed at $3000 down

We build your outbound engine in GlassHive for you.

Sign up before the end of the month for 50% more MQCs and extra dialing hours. Get 150 MQCs, 140 hours of dialing, and one monthly email campaign for only $14,100 ($3000 down and 6 payments of $1850/mo).


      ✓ ICP Build

      ✓ 150 MQCs

      ✓ 140 hours of dialing from best available                  SDRs (Phillipines, Brazil, or US)

      ✓ One monthly email campaign

      ✓ MQCs delivered in your CRM

      ✓ We build your outbound engine in                         GlassHive

      ✓ GlassHive included ($200/mo)

Starter Plus

from $45,000 

to $16,200

Billed as $4500 down
$1950/mo thereafter

Unlock your MSP's full potential with this incredible offer.

Your outbound engine is waiting. 

Get 200 MQCs, 160 hours of expertly optimized dialing, one high-converting monthly email campaign, 4 FMEs, and a whopping 40 SQLs to supercharge your sales pipeline.

Don't miss out on this unbeatable opportunity to skyrocket your MSP's growth!

      ✓ ICP Build

      ✓ 200 MQCs

      ✓ MQCs delivered in your CRM

      ✓ 160 hours of expertly optimized dialing                  from a dedicated US-based SDR

      ✓ Custom email follow-ups from your                          dedicated ✓ SDR

      ✓ 40 SQLs

      ✓ 4 FMEs (First Meetings Ever)

      ✓ GlassHive included ($200/mo)

      ✓ Dedicated SDR

      ✓ We build your outbound engine in                          GlassHive, including one landing page,                  this month only!

      ✓ BONUS: Sign this month for 32 hours of                  SDR Training and Coaching Sessions

      ✓ Additional Fee: $100 per qualified meeting            set after the first 4 meetings. This fee goes            directly to your dedicated SDR to help                    combat turnover of our best reps.

Add Ons to Take Your MSP to New Heights

You Pick 2

Pick any 2 of our services in whatever concurrency you need. Plug the holes in your internal talent pool with our team!

Extra Calling Hours

Add an extra 2 hrs/day of calling starting at $800/mo

Revenue Consulting

Our $20,000 revenue consultation package includes a SWOT, Competitor Research, A Proven Sales Process Optimized for YOUR MSP, MSP Sales Playbook, Unique Value Proposition, CRM Implementation, 90-Day Marketing Plan, Marketing Process, One Outlined 90 Day Sales Sprint, Vision Mission Brand Building, and Your List of Top 100 Targets

MSP Marketing Bundle

Usually priced at $7500/mo. Score this kick*** bundle for $4500/mo when paired with our outbound engine program. You get a brand kit, 1 landing page/mo, 1 email blast/mo, 4 blogs/mo, 12 social posts/mo, and 1 sales/marketing material/mo (think case study, checklist, whitepaper or freebie!)


Say goodbye to overpriced, clunky lead generation

What You Keep

 âœ“ A List of Target Contacts (MQCs) in YOUR CRM

 âœ“ Highly trained and managed SDRs (You Can Even Hire Them To Your Company!)

 âœ“  Meetings with handpicked prospects

 âœ“  Momentum through 2023!

 âœ“  Customized monthly email campaigns

 âœ“  An outbound engine built in GlassHive

  ✓ All contact and activity data

What You Don't Keep

 X One Size Fits All Solutions

 X Investments With No Return

 X Permanently Burnt Domain

 X Damaged Brand From Pushy Sales People

Free Sample Offer

🎁 FREE Sample Offer:

Let us show you how our process works with a FREE sample! 

Give us your top 5 target companies, and we'll spend a few days setting up a meeting for you.

No catch, no obligation - just a demonstration of our proven strategy!

Limited Time - Sells Out Fast

 ðŸƒðŸ¼Hurry - we're only accepting the first 10 enrollees! 

Last time, spots filled up in under an hour! 

To join and see if you qualify, simply book a call to learn more (we'll save your free trial space).


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