Managed Lead


 Plans for


Who’s It For:

  Our plans are tailor-made for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who:

  • Lack dedicated sales or marketing teams

  • Struggle with creating compelling, relevant content

  • Need expert management of fractional Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

  • Are looking to transition from referral-based growth to a more proactive outbound sales strategy

  • Owners seeking coaching on closing outbound sales to supplement organic growth

What’s Included:

  • Strategic SDR Support: A dedicated SDR with over 50 hours of B2B tech sales training, including 10+ hours specific to MSPs, ensuring they have the industry knowledge to effectively represent your business.

  • Weekly Tailored Training: Each SDR receives continuous improvement through a weekly, one-hour training session focused exclusively on your account, conducted by a senior sales manager.

  • Comprehensive Content Creation:

    • Monthly Email Campaigns: Crafted to engage and move leads through the sales funnel.

    • Social Media Content: Consistent posts to increase your online presence and engagement.

    • Blog Development: Thought leadership articles to position your MSP as an expert in the field.

    • Sales and Marketing Materials: Creation of lead magnets, nurturing sequences, and other resources tailored to attract and convert prospects.

    • Landing Pages: Conversion-optimized pages for your campaigns to capture leads effectively.

  • Foundational Sales Framework:

    • ICP Development: Defining your Ideal Customer Profile to target the right audience.

    • Buyer Personas Creation: Outlining key customer segments to personalize outreach and content.

    • Unique Value Proposition: Articulating what sets your MSP apart from competitors.

  • Custom Sales Process Design: Crafting a sales process unique to your MSP, complete with cheat sheets for qualifying leads and conducting discovery sessions.

  • Ongoing Sales Support: Continuous support for the business owner or primary seller, enhancing skills and strategies to close more outbound sales effectively.

This suite of services is built to ensure that from the foundational strategies to the ongoing execution,

 your MSP is fully equipped to attract, engage, and convert your ideal clients, driving sustained growth and profitability.

What You Need First:

  • A willingness to invest in your sales and marketing processes

  • Basic customer profiles and past sales data for a starting point in strategy development

  • Commitment to collaborate with our team for best results

  • Respect for the hustle and grind that is sales

Who Should Not Buy:

  • MSPs not ready to commit to a structured sales process

  • Businesses looking for a quick fix without a strategic approach

  • MSPs that already have a fully-staffed sales and marketing department

  • Anyone who’s ever screamed at an employee or partner


Results to Expect:

  • An increase in quality leads and a more robust sales pipeline (avg: 30 qualified meetings in 6 months)

  • Improved brand recognition and online engagement (avg: 600% increase in digital traffic and engagement LinkedIn and Website)

  • Enhanced closing rates from refined sales tactics (avg: 40% close rate)

  • Measurable ROI from a consistent, structured lead-generation effort (avg: 750K in ARR added)

Tools We Use:

  • CRM (sales enablement) platforms like HubSpot, GlassHive, or for lead tracking and sales process management

  • GlassHive for content creation and distribution

  • for targeted contact sourcing, lead generation, and automated sequencing

  • Communication platforms such as Slack, Zoom, Basecamp, and Teams for real-time and/or asynchronous collaboration

Relevant Case Studies

New Orleans MSP Revenue Growth:

A once stagnant MSP, plateaued at $1.2M/year, collaborated with MKC Agency to revamp its lead generation process, 

culminating in an additional $260K in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and $156K in project work within just under 8 months.

Orlando MSP Lead Generation Success:

Facing a stagnant lead flow, this Orlando-based MSP partnered with MKC Agency to implement a strategic lead generation plan, 

resulting in six qualified meetings, three proposals, and one closed deal within six months, all with a positive return on investment.

JK Tech’s Million-Dollar Revenue Boost:

With revenue in decline, JK Tech engaged MKC Agency for a comprehensive lead generation strategy. 

This partnership led to a remarkable $1 million revenue increase in 18 months, improved productivity, and substantial cost savings.

Maitland MSP’s Market Capture:

An MSP in Maitland, FL, needed to differentiate itself in a crowded market. 

Through MKC Agency’s branding and website revamp, partnered with content and outbound lead gen, they experienced 

a 10X increase in traffic month-over-month, a 19X increase year-over-year, and quadrupled their sales pipeline in under three months.

Boston MSP’s Revenue Transformation: 

Stuck at $3M in annual revenue, this Boston-based MSP partnered with MKC Agency to tackle its growth plateau. 

Their collaboration led to a dramatic increase, adding over $850K in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and $1.2M in the sales pipeline within 9 months. 

This strategic partnership, emphasizing hands-on lead generation and comprehensive CRM integration, 

not only boosted revenue but also significantly enhanced productivity.